Bears Beware! Goldilocks is in Your Town!

Book by Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift, Lyrics by Ross Mihalko, Music by Brian Weiland 

What kind of world is it where little girls break into houses owned by bears ? 

BEARS BEWARE! explores this question and so much more in a fun family show that follows the adventures of a golden-haired girl named Sue, who escapes from the Menagerie City Zoo to fulfill her dreams of eating healthy food, sitting in a chair and sleeping in a bed! Will the fugitive known as Goldilocks, escape the treacherous trunk of Colonel Tusk, the great white elephant hunter from the Hu-Man Society? Or will she end up as another statue in his trophy room?

Filled with memorable characters and tons of adventure, BEARS BEWARE! is a show that will make you view fairy tales (and furry tails) in a whole new light!  

Length: 50 minutes

Cast: 18+ (10 F, 2 M, 6+ M or F) 


ORDER PERFORMANCE PACKAGE$275 includes digital copies of script, score, vocal lines, instrumental accompanment tracks, and performance rights for a year.

ORDER A PREVIEW SCRIPT - $7 includes a copy of script and vocal lines to review.

© Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift 2016