by Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift

BEANSTALK! is exactly like nothing you’ve ever seen before, not even in a book! This fun family show follows the adventures of Jack, a young boy with his head in the clouds and his nose in a great big book of fairy-tales.  When the magic beans Jack trades for the family cow grows into a gigantic beanstalk, Jack finally gets the chance to have a fairytale adventure of his very own. Now if he can only find the treasure, save his family and get the cow back, today might just really be his magical fairytale day!

Filled with hilarious characters and more twists than a climbing vine, BEANSTALK! is one show that’s guaranteed to grow and grow and grow right into your heart.

Length: 50 minutes.
Cast: 16+ (3m, 3f, 10+ m or f)

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© Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift 2016