The Lie-brary Books

by Ross Milhalko, Donna Swift and the Edgartown Fourth Graders


When super-student Devin tries to improve his school reputation by acting like one of the cool kids, he carelessly leaves his library books back in gym class. Now Devin has to use his wits to outsmart a vengeful librarian, escape library jail, and and save the day (and his books)!

With lots of laughs and crazy characters, THE LIE-BRARY BOOKS is a fun play you should really check out!

LENGTH: 20 minutes.

CAST: 20+ (M or F)


ORDER PERFORMANCE PACKAGE - $65 includes digital copies of script and performance rights for a year.

ORDER A PREVIEW SCRIPT - $7 includes a copy of script and vocal lines to review.

© Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift 2016