Sugar Rush!

The Short and Sweet Adventures of the Gingerbread Boy!

by Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift

When Mr. Baker wants a cookie and Mrs. Baker wants a child, a hypoglycemic fairy grants their wish and gives them a Gingerbread Boy! And that's when everything starts to crumble.

SUGAR RUSH! follows the kookie cookie adventures of our hero as he runs from one crazy batch of characters to another! Will he survive his adventures? The world is a dangerous place for a boy made of delicious gingerbread! 

SUGAR RUSH! is a show that's both silly and sweet! You'll smile so much your teeth will fall out! 

Length: 35 minutes

Cast: 18+ (2m, 3f, 13+ m or f) 


ORDER PERFORMANCE PACKAGE$125 includes digital copies of script and performance rights for a year.

ORDER A PREVIEW SCRIPT$7 includes a copy of script and vocal lines to review.

© Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift 2016