Waking Sleeping Beauty

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY finally tells the truth behind this classic fairy tale!

Everyone is invited to the party celebrating the birth of the new princess -- everyone, that is, except Mathilda, an oddball fairy notorious for her snorting laugh, mismatched socks, and terrible gifts. Sure enough, when she shows up anyway to present an enchanted spinning wheel, it turns out to be cursed, causing Princess Aurora to fall into an enchanted sleep until she's awakened by true love's kiss. Will Mathilda find the princess's true love, Prince Fauntleroy, in time to awaken her? Or will the wicked plans of his jealous brother, Prince Balderdash, prevail?

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY has something for everyone: kind-hearted fairies, evil twins and roller skating princesses! It’s the kind of show you’ve always dreamed about!

Length: 40 minutes
Cast: 20+ (10 f, 3 m, 7+ m or f) 



© Ross Mihalko and Donna Swift 2016